Hello, looking to upgrade to locking tuners. Wondering if Kluson tuners (link below) will be a direct fit in my head stock, or if I will need to drill new holes. Looking to upgrade to quality tuners without really having to drill new holes


If these aren't a direct fit, what are some other quality locking tuners you guys would recommend? Preferably something available in black
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it should be, all the MIM strats I know were 10mm holes. Schaller, Grover, Sperzel , Gotoh and so forth all have models of locking tuners with those 10mm holes. 10mm is the industry standard and of course and I've worked on a ton of MIM strats because I'd sell pickguards and it always amazed me how many of them needed help putting on their slabs of prestigious white pearl.

you know it's 10mm by the washer and ferrule (its like a nut)
vintage tuners have grommets
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Yes, those will drop right in, however there's some other options:

These are the ping made ones, mostly used on the newer American Standards and customs (I installed these on a project strat a while back, although I sold them because I bought a new neck and that neck didn't have holes drilled for the posts, and I wanted the tuners to be as straight as I could manage, and lets just say they don't install straight if you don't have a headstock drilled for em. However, they are very smooth operating, I actually really liked them);


Then there's the Schaller ones, they used these on the older USA standards and customs, not sure why they switched over to ping, probably to lower cost of parts. I've never used them, although people claim them to be far superior to the Pings, although we all know people will claim that a German made product will always be superior to a Taiwan made product, no matter the circumstances, but who knows;


As far as I'm aware, these two only come in Chrome and Satin Chrome respectively, however, I know Schaller also makes tuners without the fender name attached, that WILL drop right into a fender headstock (with the two posts and all)

Good luck!
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