So i've had a really nice PRS SE custom 24 for a while now. It's made really well and it sustains like crazy so I think it's well worth swapping out the pickups for something a bit nicer. I've already decided on a Duncan JB for the bridge but was wondering what thoughts were on the neck pickup (keep in mind I usually use the middle position for cleans and the neck for those smooth distorted lead lines.) Any examples you could link would be a great help , especially any coil-split demos. Cheers.
with the jazz it has more treble to it, the demo on yotube i saw of the set with some guy with a les paul was pretty awful. Most PRS are mahogany if memory serves me right so the bit of brightness that the jazz provides to mahogany bodied guitars is always a good thing.

you can add push pull pots, better tuners and all if you really want to see what the guitar can do as I really liked the SE series of PRS, they aren't as bad as some of the overseas models this or that "winner" company everyone thinks they need puts under other brands.

but with the JB it definitely depends, i mean 4 wire pickups you can get a ton of different sounds out of. The full shred, the Pegasus, seymour duncan distortion neck. The big issue I'd have with the JB/59 set is the bridge is much louder than the neck so it was kind of strange at first but pickup height can be adjusted and all to your liking. Don't forget to mess around with string material and all, if we cough the wrong way our tone is affected. More bass, more treble, more this , less that.. it's one of those things that keep me playing guitar.
Depends on the music you play but I have a JB/Jazz in my 335 and I'm not sure it is best for me. The jazz is really clean and hifi sounding so you need a lot of gain to get it smoking. The JB really steps to the front of the mix for modern lead tones. I am toying with swapping to a 59 neck to bring a little more vintage vibe.

Where do you want it to take you?
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Guthrie on tone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmohdG9lLqY
I've got sets of SD Jazz in two guitars, because I like that bright hi-fi sound. They work very well in one guitar, not so much the other. But a JB sounded really awful in the latter one, so it depends on the guitar, at least to some extent, and how bright you want to go. If you think that the guitar is intrinsically bright, go for 59s, if it is a bit dark or warm, jazz might be better.
I'd get the Jazz because I'm a fan of a really bright and articulate neck pickup. I'm the sort of person who uses a lot of low end in their sound in general, so neck pickups tend not to be all that usable with gain unless they're bright.
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They're both pretty good.

The Jazz always sounds smoother to my ears than the '59, but that's just me. I could be wrong.

If you use the in-between position a lot you're using two different output pickups there, which generally isn't the best plan to get the sweetest in-between sounds, especially if your two pickups don't have independent volume knobs. I guess it depends on how badly you need those in-between sounds- if they're not as high priority as the bridge tones then stick with the JB, doesn't make much sense to make your main tone worse.
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So from what you guys have said I'm leaning towards the Jazz, I'm having problems getting a balanced sound out of the stock pickups (neck is a lot quieter and warmer sounding.) So I think something a little brighter would be a good choice.
I also have a full on metal guitar with an EMG 81/85 combo and I'm after that sweet, singing kind of neck tone I can get from the 85 but with more dynamic range.