I have two sets of Shed pickups. A year ago April I placed and paid for a set of Super Naturals. Since that time I have had a litany of excuses (my suppliers are not sending me np material, I lost my computer, I cannot access my email, etc.). In January of this year Spence sent me an email saying mine were next in line and delivery should be within a few weeks. Since then nothing, I cannot get the courtesy of a response. Still no delivery and no way to communicate with Spence Mumford. I have asked for a refund as I no longer need the pickups. Extremely frustrating.

I liked Shed pickups, but after reading about other people's experience this seems to be a growing complaint. Buyer beware.
Sorry to hear that, I hope you get it sorted. I've never dealt with him, but I've heard of him. Thanks for the heads-up.
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