I am kind of bad when it comes to rhythm and transcribing what I am playing on guitar to guitar pro. What kind of tips would you guys give for becoming better at transcribing? The tied notes in particular that carry onto another bar is confusing. So are dotted notes.
I had those problems too when I started tabbing things.

Best thing is to start with is a line of 8th or 16th notes depending on bpm. Just use the chords or notes you would play.
Then you try to figure out your rhythm by putting pauses (r key on keyboard) instead of notes.
Next step (if you didn't reach your target rhythm already) is playing around with the length of the notes.
Same principle goes for tied notes anywhere. But instead of pauses you use that tie thing. (dont know what it's called, I'm german. I think it's the L-key)

When it comes to dotted notes I tend to write them out so you can clearly see how you count them. So a dotted 4th is a 4th and an 8th tied together. A dotted 8th is an 8th and a 16th and so on. But you can use dotted notes when you got the hang of it.

As soon as you figured out those things you will get a feeling for it. Triplets are a bit tricky but you will figure those out, too.

One last important thing: clarity.

When I tab, I make sure to eliminate every single note or mark that is not necessary.
So instead of two 8th pauses use one 4th and those kind of things.
I just mention it because I know people who really mess this up and the tabs become a pain in the ass to read and to work with.

Hope I could help you and explain everything good enough.