Whats the general consensus on these?

I started thinking about re-buying my first ever guitar which was a mid-90's budget range guitar - Yamaha RGX 121D (bit like a pacifica). I have fond memories of it. But then I realised I would probably get fed up with it being such a cheap guitar and started looking at the higher end models. Are these a worthy investment?

Two on ebay right now around the £500 mark:



I noticed one guy on the Yamaha forum say the red 621D's "never" come up for sale, which only makes me want that one even more. And the 821DMR is the top of the line model. M = maple, and R = Reverse headstock. Both very appealing to me. Thoughts?
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All of Yamaha's higher end guitars are quality, quality instruments. They are also pretty rare and most of them are made in Japan. I say go for it, you won't be disappointed. As for nomenclature, anything 2xx and below is pretty crappy, but anything 4xx (412, 421, etc) and higher is a very, very good guitar. The 6xx and 8xx are comparable to American Fenders, Gibson, Japanese Ibanez, while god forbid if you can get your hands on a 1xxx or even higher you should buy it right away because it's one of the best guitars money can buy.
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