So, my band wants to start adding a couple of early Weezer tunes (Blue Album era) and I'm trying to look for a pedal that will give me that really nice crunch that album had. After research online the common answers I see are the RAT, BOSS Turbo Distortion DS-2, and a Big Muff. I'm currently playing a Strat with a Hot Rails in the bridge through a Crate Vintage Club 50 w/ 4 EL-84s 1x15.

I don't want to open the wallet on some boutique pedal so if we can keep it sub $100 that would be cool. College student budget and all that.

I'm not sure what they used, but if they did use those pedals, you should be able to get any of those 3 for around $100 or so.
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So, I just listened to Undone and Say it Isn't So, its a pretty generic noisy tone. A crispy od or distortion, like an SD1 or a Rat, is probably pretty much all that is needed.
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i find weezers tone to be modern sounding, fiarly high gain, almost fuzz like. i got a muff type clone but with a dip switch setting for a mid boost, and i actually like it to play weezer. or perhaps i stack with a crunch channel. i think you could pull it off with a muff. for some reason if i had to run through a non distorted amp, i cluod see myself leaning on a fuzz for that tone.

for example, out of the many tones this thing pulls off, i think you could find a weezer setting on it

pretty sure during later years he bought a deizel X4 thing. whatever that is. and at thatp rice, for 4 tones, well crap man you better be able to play just about anything you want outta that darn thing. probably why he bought it. im sure a deizel does a modern higher gain crunch tone in its sleep...
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