So I recently upgraded my audio interface to a focusrite scarlett 18i20 (usb, 8 analogue inputs) from a scarlett 2i2(usb, 2 analogue inputs) Basically, I was wondering If I could use the two interfaces together for more inputs. Is this possible? Is there a way to somehow link them together? I know I can expand the inputs on the 18i20 by getting the focusrite Octopre but If I can squeeze two more out of my existing equipment it would be great.
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I think I saw this exact question a few days ago and I believe the official answer is no. If you're on a mac you can try to aggregate them, but your best bet is to sell the 2i2 and put the cash towards an octopre etc.
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Thanks for the replies guys! I had a feeling it couldn't be done.

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Why do you need extra inputs?

Well 8 inputs is pretty much just enough to mic up a drum kit, I wouldn't of minded having a few extra for a couple of room microphones as well. I'll get an Octopre when I think I really need it, and keep the 2i2. It comes in handy for simple recording with a laptop when I'm not at home! Thanks again!
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Yeah, for drums 8 inputs is kinda limiting. It is doable, but you might have to drop tom mics or submix them. That's what I do actually, bring in a small mixer and submix toms to stereo which frees me up about 2 tracks, depending on the drummer.
I spoke to Focusrite myself when I upgraded from the 2i4. The 18i20 runs on a different driver so it's not possible. I'm also planning on picking up an OctoPre after I get some monitors.
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