Hi everyone! I could use some help / inputs on what guitar to buy. I know it sounds a bit silly asking for help in this matter but not many of my friends are interested in guitars so I can't get any opinions from them. So it´s 3 different guitars I am interested in for now I´ve tried them out several times in my local music store and they all sound great to me, and I like them for different reasons. Today I own a Martin D-18 and in some way I would like my new guitar to complement this guitar.

So the 3 very different runner ups are;

Martin OMJM
Gibson J 45 Standard
Gibson Hummingbird

Well as you can see I am all over the place. So to give you the reasons or plus and minuses on each of these from my perspective.

Martin OMJM - I think this guitar would complement my D-18 very well. I like Martin guitars, and I own one since before and therefore I feel that I am not risking anything. The sound from this guitar is amazing in my ears. And I like John Mayer, what can I say Well the minus side is the price, I can afford it but it will of course hurt my wallet and my wife won't get happy (I´ll never tell the price anyway)

Gibson J 45 Standard - Well it´s a classic guitar which is and have been used by great musicians. The guitar feels and sound very bluesy I think which suits me well as I mostly tend to play that style. It feels like this guitar is the closest to the D-18 sound wise of these 3 guitars which makes it a bit unnecessary to add to my stable. The price is a plus as it´s the least expensive of the three.

Gibson Hummingbird - I´ve two gibson guitars on my list and I have to say even though I love my Martin I am a bit curious on what the gibson have to offer. So the Hummingbird, I really like strumming this guitar, to me it sounds very bright, loud and clear. I am very torn about the looks of the guitar though. Yes it´s a very classic guitar, and everyone can spot it from a mile away I am a little afraid that it´s a bit to much and that I will grow tired of it.

So any inputs about these guitars would help! Share your own experiences or maybe a tip on a totally different guitar? What do you guys think about the long term value in these guitars? Will the value increase over time or are all of these just to standard?
What style do you play - strum, flatpick, fingerpick?

I play fingerpicked blues and the plain-braced D-18s are some of my favourite guitars. The clear winners among the other three would be the J-45, just on specs and past experience with them, but you have to trust your ears. The OMJM has an Engelmann top, which should work for fingerpicking, but most Martin rosewood guitars don't do it for me. All the square-shouldered Gibson dreads I've tried have been clunkers, but they might suit a heavy-handed strummer.

I liked the Martin D-28s I tried a while back, but they might have changed from plain to scalloped braces, a backward step, IMO.

Have you looked at Taylor? They are very popular. I'm a big fan of their constructional features - the fully bolt-on neck with shim adjustment - and the comfortable necks, but the big open sound doesn't suit my fingerpicking style.

Just curious. You mentioned Taylor and that you like them, but didn't think their "big open sound" suits your fingerpicking style. Do you prefer nylon string guitars for fingerpicking or something like that?

The reason I ask is I got a Taylor Big Baby last month and I'm finding it much better to pick on than my other acoustics.
I play a style that is sort of alternating bass ragtime (think John Hurt, who played a Guild F-30); there are often a lot of notes squeezed into a fairly small space, so I like a "tight and bright" sound, nothing big and anthemic. The bigger plain braced Martins are good for that, as are older versions of our local make, Maton. Yes, I like the sound of good nylon string guitars, but they are rare in the moderate price ranges - the couple of cheap Katohs I tried recently were very good. I've been thinking about buying a decent sounding nylon-string for a while now, as I'm expecting the infirmities of old age to descend on me before too long. I don't like the sound of skinny steel strings, and I think that nylon strings would be easier and more satisfying to play.

I also play slide, and I look for a different sound for that - big and open is good, but it has to include a strong response in the high registers. My "best" guitar is a Bourgeois MS Sig, fantastic for slide, but way too much of a good thing for fingerpicking!