I think this would be the appropriate forum to ask. If not, please refer me.

So, I have this old super-strat by Aria Pro II, and for sure, it still works. However, I'm in the process of rebuilding it. So, I was wondering whether anyone knew about how to detach a Floyd Rose Style Bridge? It's not a Floyd Rose, it's this piece of crap:


The one on my guitar has two pegs and one black cover missing. The hole for the tremolo is defective, so I can't bother to put a tremolo in it. Overall, it sucks. So I'm wondering if It's possible to take that crap off and put either a hard-tail bridge right on top or make a string-thru? There seems to be a hole underneath the ACT-3 bridge, so I'm very skeptical.

If you're wondering, here's a pic of an Aria that looks a lot like my guitar:

Now, here's my guitar in glorious high-quality imagery in all its suckiness:
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your best option is to block the tremolo. I was talking to one guy in Budapest years ago and pretty much I wanted a non-whammy bar base plate floyd rose but his english sucked.

the best method to block the tremolo is the "tremol-no" by allparts
if you never use the whammy bar you can lock it
if you only dive down , you can have a strat tremolo mode
if you want to pull up or dive down there is an option too

beats the "heck" out of using pennies or picks to wood to block and not get all those features. If the guitar sounded great I'd get a floyd rose original 1000 , it's all steel like a german floyd rose but roughly 100$ cheaper. But to a certain degree we pay for what we get right?
Well, luckily for myself, the bridge seems to be some sort of screwed up hybrid. It's NAILED to the guitar, so only the pegs move, which seems to be what bend the strings. So, I don't need a Tremol-No.

At this point, I think that if the ACT-3 were ripped off, it would leave to nail holes and a little, rectangular hole where a section of the bridge just jutted into the guitar. That's why I wonder whether I can put a hard-tail on top, because putting that bridge on top of a hole in your guitar seems kinda scary.