First post on here and still kind of new to things. Ok so long story short I built a frankenstrat. I went ahead and put a working single coil in the neck position and then a GFS VEH in the bridge. Can someone help me figure out how to wire it up with a 3 or 5 way switch and just a volume knob? I want to play the two pickups together on a channel if I can or maybe split the humbucker on a channel. Any help is greatly appreciated!
this ones easy, any wiring questions guys message me as I do custom wirings from scratch all the time.

remember that the ground wire trails out to the tip of the input jack. This is for humbuckers but works for single coils and if you only want to tap one pickup that is fine this schematic still works. Focus on the right hand portion of the switch (lets say), tap the pickup and your single coil if it's 2 wire just focus on the switch and ground it to the back of the volume pot.

however I recommend parallel wiring for the coil split, it's hum cancelling.

my biggest tip is to use a capacitor or resistor lead (metal wire like thing) when you ground the pickup to the side of the pot. it makes life way easier. Just like this.

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