Hey guys, was wondering if someone could answer a question for me.

I've recently bought a Blackstar HTV 4x12 cabinet but I'm not going to use it until I replace my combo with a head. I was wondering if we could use it as a makeshift PA until then. I though I could plug a passive mic into my m-audio m-track USB interface, then connect the L and R monitor ports into the stereo ports of the cabinet.

My other guitarist thinks the interface won't be able to power it, he's probably right, thoughts? Thanks.
He's right. But all you need is a decent power amp and you're good to go.
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It would work when paired with a power amp, but it won't by any means sound good - guitar spakers color the sound quite a lot, and applying that to a mic is generally considered to be bad practice because of the resulting sound.
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guitar speakers aren't full range. It will sound like ass.


That being said, most people won't notice...
“Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.”
Charles Darwin
Echoing the above posts...

It'll sound nasty. Guitar speakers have limited range and (mostly) midrange spikes that don't do well for PA.

Your guitar player is correct; you're missing the power amplifier section required to crank some sound through it.