Hey guys,

I'm not allowed to post in the bass guitar thread yet, so i'm doing it here.

I have a rogue fret buzz on my 7th fret G-string.
here's the weird thing though,
The buzz is only there, when i also hold down the 7th fret on the E-string too.

so it only buzzes on an Em chord. as soon as I release the E-string, the buzz goes away.

Does anyone know why this is, and how it's fixed?

~ Felix
Raise the bridge a little and test it as you go? Check the neck to see it its straight?
neck is fine. i raised the bridge, string action on the G-string is now really high, yet the buzz is still there. I'm lowering the action again as it's unplayable.

All other frets are fine so its not the string height.
I think it might be a fret problem, but what baffles me is that it only happens when i play it together with the 7th on the E-string.
have you checked that the tuning peg isnt rattling or put something around the strings above the nut (hairband,shoe lace, foam rubber to dumpen the buzz). I had this problem on an old bass. If not i suggest taking it to a music store as they might be able to file the fret if the tuning pegs/strings above the nut solutions dont work