I'm an amp modifying newbi so please forgive my ignorance. This is what gear I currently have . . .

Bugera 62620-212
Two 8Ω 12" speakers
Power 70W (IEC)
Wired in Series for 16Ω total impedance

Crate V33-212 (currently non-functioning)
Two 16Ω 12" speakers
Power 50 W
Wired in parallel for 8Ω total impedance

Crate Cabinet
Four 8Ω 12" speakers
Power: Unknown at this time.
Wired in Series/Parallel for 8Ω total impedance

In it's factory configuration, the Bugera has two loud speaker 1/4" jacks. The two internal speakers (running at 16Ω are plugged into ONE of the jacks and the output selector of the amp is switched to 16Ω.

The Bugera amp can be set to 4Ω, 8Ω, 16Ω impedance. The manual states that the two loud speaker jacks on the amp are wired in parallel. It gives an example that if you plugged a second 16Ω cabinet into the amp you'd need to change the output selector to 8Ω.

So with the gear I have now, wired the way it is, I can't plug in the Crate Cabinet to the Bugera's second loudspeaker jack because it would create an impedance of 5.3Ω.

The only way that I can see to drive two speakers in the Bugera combo and the 4x12 cabinet is to take the two 16Ω speakers out of the Crate combo, put them in the Bugera combo, wire them in parallel so that they were 8Ω, plug them into one of the loudspeaker jacks. Then plug the 8Ω 4x12 cabinet into the other output jack. Switch the impedance selector on the Bugera to 4Ω and all should be good, right?

I'm not cranking the amp up to full power, so the drop in power handling from 70W versus 50W speakers shouldn't be a big deal.

Am I right? What do ya'll think? Am I stupid to even want to do this? I tend to find the sound out of many speakers to be more "full" than out of fewer.
If you switch the amp to 4 ohm, a 5.3 ohm load will be safe enough.
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Really? That's better yet. No need to re-wire or switch speakers. The whole ohm thing is crazy. Thanks for helping me out.
Thanks cath (I sent him here- I suspected what he said would be safe but I didn't know for sure so I didn't like to say. )
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