Hello all, I have a somewhat rare condition called hyperhydrosis that makes my hands at times get incredibly sweaty. Its been a curse I've had to deal with my whole life. I used to love to draw but always comparing myself to someone better I gave it up. I get discouraged rather easily probably due to low self-esteem but that beside the point. When I did draw the sweating of my hands would start to curl the paper after a while and make it had for the graphite from the pencil to work on the paper. I recently tried drawing a few things after reading some Hyperhydrosis stories using a cloth gloves with several fingers cut out for my business digits. Anyways, I've been playing guitar for year but after my first guitar eventually got all tore up from my sweating I had taken it apart to rebuild it and didn't pick it back up for about 10 years.

Not so long ago I decided to start playing again for therapeutic reasons. My old guitar is still a wreck so I bought a PRS SE245 and I really like it. The problem is, after playing again for about a year the hardware is starting to get corroded pretty badly from my sweating. I do try to wipe my guitar down on a regular basis but unless I do it religiously it only prolongs the inevitable. In particular the screws that hold he pickup border plates are starting to rot. Does anyone know if there are some stainless steel hardware I can replace all the screws on my PRS SE245 with?
not familiar with all the hardware on a PRS but you can start your search here:


i would highly suggest that you choose either 316 or 18-8 stainless steel. any of the 400 series stainless steels (410, 420, 440, etc..) contain more carbon and less chromium and will corrode faster. 316 would be your best bet, 18-8 second best. you'll need to do some measuring of what you have to order what you need.

this hardware won't be entirely corrosion free but it will certainly last for many years. if you want something better, then you are probably looking at titanium hardware which costs $$
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Try your local hardware store, unless it has to be exactly like what came stock. Stainless is a fine idea.

My stuff always corrodes, rusts, wears, whatever. Especially gold. I consider this normal for a the life of a guitar.
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i've know people with the op's condition. first there's the moisture and then if the person's sweat is highly acidic, then there's the corrosion. regular hardware store stuff just won't do. if you have to go the hardware store route, then take a magnet with you (or find one in the store) and choose any stainless steel that won't stick to the magnet. this will be any of the 300 series stainless steels and would be your best choice.
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