I have a 2013 MiM strat (Brown-burst finish) that I want to repaint solid black at some point.

According to a few spec sheets, it's got a polyester finish.

I'm not really interested in getting any of the wood to show through or anything fancy like that. I don't even mind if it doesn't look all that professional.

Any recommendations on the process? I was thinking I should probably sand away the clear coat a little to 'matte' it first, but would that be even necessary? I'd rather not take the whole finish off if I don't have to.

Also, what paint should I use? Any brand recommendations? As I understand it, I have to paint a few coats of color, than 3-ish coats of clear coat + sand in between coats.

EDIT: Figured I'd mention that I'm planning to rattle-can it. I just don't know what brand to buy.
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I've seen good finishes come from krylon cans, not the best but good enough. Also ^ correct. if you leave any spots unsanded the paint won't bond.

EDIT: try to keep the finish relatively thin too. since you're going over a color I'd do two, or if it's thin three. just until none of the old finish shows through. clearcoat is thinner but remember that it's to protect your paint, sanding makes it shine.
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