That's a very original title. And also, a very original concept. Wow, "American Dreamers".

Dude... it is obvious you guys want to achieve something. Please, PLEASE don't be like any other band. You will only achieve the opposite of what you want. It is obvious that you guys have some talent, don't waste it on doing what many people have already done before. Now many people here, I am sure, are facepalming. If you can find your own sound (without "huhuhu check it out RHCP fans"), I know that many will applaud you.

You have the dedication and the skills, that much is obvious to anyone, but that's nothing without originality.

Who am I to judge you? The listener.
Thanks for the feedback! I'm not sure if the first part is sarcasm or not but I'll take it as genuine...

As far as the thread title, we're definitely not trying to be a carbon copy, I was just trying to generate interest from listeners who enjoy similar music.

I'll keep that in mind though, our first impression is very important. Thanks for taking the time to comment!