Holy mother of guitars. That's cool. I love the haunting intro, the lead is really beautiful. I think that the song, or maybe the production, lacked some dynamics. It wasn't that captivating. There are some really beautiful parts towards the end.

I think you had some really solid ideas, but the lack of dynamics really bothered me. It felt a bit repetitive. But still, a really beautiful song.
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I really love the intro. I feel the solo had potential to be more complex and more ear catching! Also the solo needs to standout from the mix more distinctly. Maybe add a bit of volume and effects (delay). The overall structure of the song is a bit repetitive and lack the dynamics for an instrumental.

Great job overall. The composition in all parts of the rhythm is awesome, and have so much potential. Just work on the lead composition and quality of mix and you are up to something great!

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Moody, complex emotions and eerie evocations fleet through subtle shades of advanced harmonic suggestions. Deep, profound music, full of penetrating feeling as well and clever composition. Lots of pretty picking and textured tones create a pleasing sonic sensation of wistfulness and reminiscence. Love the unexpected change at 3.13, beautifully moves the music into a more open, releasing ambience, which is further accented at 3.40, full of subtle movements and symphonic development.
This piece improves with further listening, revealing hidden depths and nuances in this reflective, introspective music.
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Hey pierrejo! I checked out more of your tunes so I'll dive into M.A.D.

Ouu, that eerie haunting introduction is fantastic. The complexity yet in sync songwriting there is very deep and melodic. During the middle of the song, I found some of the solo to be a bit repetitive. The switch up around 3:13 and 3:40 is beautiful. Awesome stuff! I would definitely look into adding some noticeable dynamics in this piece, which will take it to a new level of amazingness. Overall, great composition and this song shows that you are a very talented songwriter.

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