someone around my area posted a guitar on facebook yesterday for $200 and i can't find anything about it anywhere. i tried google and didn't really find anything. the man said it was an "Aires 2 Electric". My girlfriend is thinking about buying it but i honestly don't know anything about it and wanted to find out before i told her to go ahead. i've never even heard of this brand before. any knowledge on them, and whether or not it's worth it. would be appreciated. here is a link to his facebook post: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10155719920305251&set=gm.855227114553207&type=1&theater

thanks! - Jordan
Hey jordan,

I think it looks pretty spanky. looks like it needs a good clean though.
It looks like it would be worth 200 bucks. I'd just go and try it out, see how it sounds and plays.
If this is your girlfriends first guitar, i'd recommend just buying something cheap like a fender squier guitar. I have one myself, it's great to learn on. you'd at least be sure that your guitar is worth your money.

If she still wants it, make sure to check for a couple of basic things like:

-loose, broken or corroded parts. especially the bridge and the tuning knobs.
This means that they probably need to be replaced, which can cost a lot of money.

-fret wear
If the guitar was used a lot, the frets can be damaged, as the snares over time act like a file on the frets. this can all be repaired, but again, costs a lot of money.

-fret buzzing
If you play certain notes and there is a buzzing sound, it means that the guitar isn't set up correctly. don't worry, this is easily fixed.
buzzing usually indicates that the neck relief is wrong, and string action is too low.
If it buzzes, i recommend just going to your local music store, they can help you with that.
Or you can try to fix it yourself, if you're feeling confident. it's not that hard.

And most importantly of course...
See if you like how it sounds!
How it play comes second, as this is improved with a good setup as mentioned above, and you get used to how it plays really quickly.

I'm definitely not an expert yet, but i hope this helps!

Good luck!
First of all, welcome!

It looks and sounds like it's probably a lawsuit-era Japanese guitar. It'll probably play fine, but I'd definitely ask for better photos of the fretwork, tuners, and any other hardware if you can't get to look at and play it. Ask if the seller knows any history about the guitar, and if they know where it was made. Either way, it looks like a well kept hollow body electric that would be a good start for your girlfriend.
After doing a little more research on it. it seems like the owner probably has no clue what he's doing with guitars lol. i'm pretty positive it is actually an Aria II pro. relatively old Japanese made guitar. which is pretty cool. it'll go nice with my 80's Jazzmaster reissue from the FujiGen factory. it's not her first guitar. but it'll be her first half decent one. i was more curious about the brand than anything. thanks for the help guys