Hi guys, just wanted to share my latest work.

I have been working on a collection of original songs which I am planning on turning into my next album. I decided to fully record this one as it is the most complete, and it's the first original song I have recorded since I did my album last year.

Musically it is more of a straight-up modern metal song than my previous material. I have dialled back the prog influences although they are still present.

The song is instrumental, although I would like to add vocals at some point.

Any feedback on the song and/or the mix would be greatly appreciated

Hey there,

The song is heavy, modern, melodic and complex. I can't hear any mistakes when it comes to playing. The song flows effortlessly from epic melodies to hammering riffs. The mix works great. I don't know that much about mixing modern metal since my style is slightly more vintage, but to my ears it sounds very clean and even. Very appropriate for the style of music. Honestly, I can't really find anything to criticize. Well done!

Followed you back and enjoyed your Joe Satriani cover
Hi mate, thanks for the crit on mine. This is a cool piece. Great riffs and perfectly executed. The part at 0:45 is huuuuuge and a welcome refrain. The riff afterwards is superb and hits even harder given the part that precedes it. Good lead playing too. 3:50 has a very Killswitch vibe which I like.

The mix was very good- a very modern metal sound as you say. The snare drum sounded a bit much during the intro but was fine for the rest of it. It does however drown out part of the riff at 3:13. A very minor point in what is a great listen. Your production skills are lightyears ahead of mine so difficult for me to criticise! Added you on soundcloud.