Hey everyone,
I'm not so smart when it comes to amps. I have a major problem with feedback on my amp, only with distortion on and I think it has something to do with my effects, though I have tried taking all the pedals off one by one to see which is causing it. I even use a decimator g string pedal. It cancels the feedback when I am not playing anything but it starts to come through when I start picking, and it occassionally pierces through the decimator as well ( I dont want to turn it up too high). I have my gain right around 6 o clock, so I don't think that's the case.

Do I have a bad tube? Is it something with my effects loop? I am curious if it has something to do with the levels on the send and return. I honestly have no idea. The issue seemed to not be present at one point, I played a gig and everything was fine, then the next time I played it was back.

edit: I am using a peavey 3120 incase that makes a difference
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6 oclock is max, 12 o'clock is 1/2 way

if you remove all the pedals (at the same time) does the noise go away?

it is very possible you have a microphonic tube
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haha if you have the clock upside down, its 6 o clock. Obviously, I am not functioning too well. Thanks for the response. Unfortunately I won't get to confirm that the problem still occurs with everything unhooked til tomorrow, but I am pretty sure that it does. So that would lead me to think you are correct about the tube being microphonic. I'll keep you posted. Thanks again