I have this PRS Paul Allender guitar, I decided to get it set up for Drop B, so I took it to the local guitar store here and had them set it up, I had them change the intonation, raise the action and put 12 gauge strings on it, and I had EMGs installed as well and I asked if changing the bridge from a floating bridge to a set bridge would do any harm, and he told me no, so I got my floating bridge changed to a set bridge, so I get the guitar back and take it home, and I notice there is A LOT of fret buzz throughout it, so I take it back and tell them that there was a lot of fret buzz, so they work on it again, I get home and plug in, there's still a ton of fret buzz, so I say screw those guys and go to another guy who owns his own shop, and I ask him to just readjust the action and intonation and he does, and the same thing happens, I got it back, he told me there was no fret buzz at all, so I go home, try it and what do you know, there is a ton of fret buzz, I've taken my PRS to two different people, it's been worked on three times, and there is still an unbearable amount of fret buzz to the point where I barely touch that guitar anymore. Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be?
Not unless you actually try and give measurements of your guitar's action, neck relief and string gauge.

If it's a standard set of 12's (12-56) then straight away I think the 56 is just too light for drop B. I'd go for something like a 60 or even a 64. Strings that are too light for their tuning cause a lot of fret buzz.
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You don't mention where the fret buzz is located. I had some issue with fret buzz a few months ago and someone from the Fender boards helped me out with this.

If the buzz occurs played open......it's likely the nut.
If the buzz occurs at the low end......neck is likely too straight (overbow).
If the buzz occurs on the high end.....neck likely has too much relief (underbow or backbow)
Within those---if the neck is warped or twisted....well there ya go..its gonna buzz.
If the buzz occurs on specific strings at specific frets…… it could be low or high frets.

On my strat the nut was cut wrong. A thicker low E string solved it.