Hello all, I'm in a punk band that I started a couple months ago, and were having a lotta trouble trying to write songs. Were trying to play something along the lines of experimental punk I guess, taking inspiration from bands like Bad Brains, ALL, RKL, Minor Threat, the first SOAD album, Descendents, and other various metal and punk artists. Anyways I'm not asking for a complete how to write songs but any helpful hints and tips for the songwriting process in this genre of music. Thanx!

Also I would appreciate if you would restrain yourself from saying power chords and screaming. If that is the case, go **** yourself.
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And I'm pretty sure songwriting is a serious thing otherwise Nofx would be a great band.
Pick a key and strum around until you find a few progressions you like. Then try changing the mode (from major to minor, augmented, diminished, etc.) If you don't know these keys, google (whatever key you're in) + (whatever mode). Like "C# augmented key"
Play the progression in your new mode. And break from the standard 3/4 note power chords. You can still use power chords on most of your rhythm parts, but drop a note a fret or two. I don't know enough about theory to tell you which note to move, so just play a chord or two in your progression a bit weirdly. If it's done right, it adds sort of creepy dissonance.
As far as lyrics go, I'd advise writing the music first. Get your progression all nice and interesting, the rhythms how you want them, then think of a theme/subject and strum your progression and just sing what comes out.
Don't pick super general themes. Either pick a topic or a specific story.

Hope this was helpful!
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[WARNING: Contains some bad language viewer discretion advise]

For writing something like SOAD first step is you need to get angry man. You've gotta hate the system, the government, the people, schools, churches, the fkin trees, fkin stupidass flowers ANYTHING!

Your lyrics should coincide with the tone of music, they're not as important as you may think if you're playing punk. Punk is all about people who can't play music but need to express something, mainly rebelliousness or anger or discontent. I mean look at Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols, he was the bassist of a multi-plat band and he doesn't even fkin know he plays the bass.

Crank up the distortion and start finding a punky riff, like try powerchording 5-6-8 from the E string, just find 3 chords like these and play around them, it comes from (Dead Kennedys - California Uber Ales). Verses don't have to be complicated it can be one note the whole time but with creative right hand rhythm picking. I find for punk your best bet is playing down-picking then galloping in and out, down-picking is all about that punk (check out Ramones, godfathers of punk in my opinion).

For lyrics think of it like you're complaining or condemning 'the man'. In SOAD's toxicity "YOU! WHAT DO YOU OWN THE WORLD? HOW DO YOU OWN DISORDERRR DISORDERRR" YES MAN he's talking to 'the man' or the government or whoever this fking asswipe is. This guy took our jobs, our happiness, made us dream only to fk us over with his consumerist bs and now you've gotta tell him to go sck his mother's dck!

So to recap: Find 3 or 4 chords that sound good in a certain order, play around that order to find something you like and you've got a verse. Move around that progression to find chords for the chorus then do the same keep playing around those magical energetic sounds you've made.

Check out Bad Religion they're a root of punk the guitar is so easy I played it with no hands, but there's energy. Just be simple with it punk is all about that energy man.
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