Im looking for all the Tim Vantol i can find
mostly - road sweet road and if we would know but any others that are not on the site will also be greatly appreciated
I will have the song ROAD SWEET ROAD tabbed and done sometimes today for you.... Ok
I will post it back here when I am done.....shouldn't take too long.
basically love all of his music and want to be able to play all of his songs
You are the man !!
if there are any others you could do from tim vantol that would be awesome.
i was so close with the chords i had for those two songs but missing a couple but you cleared that up straight away so big thanks from new zealand bro
I would suggest that the next time you want to do a tab of a song to just do it and submit it.... Even if it isn't perfect... Someone will then let you know if you need to change a chord here or there or add one .... Remember everyone strives to be perfect with their tabs but we all make mistakes and are not perfect.... When I submit a tab I always try to be 100% correct but I know that on some I may not be ... but I figure it is better to submit it especially for songs where there are no tabs at all then to not submit it....

So I would encourage you to try and do some tabs for Tim Vantol and just submit them.... You will enjoy knowing that you contributed a tab to Ultimate Guitar that others may want as well... Give it a try. And if you need some help just let me know...

I mainly do requests now a days from people like you who want particular songs. As long as the song is decent and something I like ... I try to do them. I will look into some of his other songs and try to do some more for you. Before I do I will let you know which one I plan on doing... And if you decide to do a tab of one of his songs please let me know which one as well OK.
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