Hi Everyone,

I recently bought a brand new Jason Becker JB200C guitar from Carvin, it has the Jason Becker Perpetual Burn pickup in the bridge and I'm not quite sure the exact model of the neck pickup. Anyway, when I'm plugged in to my AxeFX there is a very loud hiss noise coming from both my bridge and neck pickups especially when I have them in the active mode, by having my volume knob clicked down, but it also happens when it's in passive mode, but it's much less noticeable. When I'm playing it's not very noticeable, but when stopping, or muting the strings it's very annoying. It's the worst when I just hover my picking hand over the strings, like I were palm-muting the strings for example, the hiss is VERY loud and unbearable. I don't think it's a grounding issue, I've tested touching the volume pots/metal and the noise remains constant.

I've also tried replacing the battery, but that shouldn't matter because it still happens when the pickups are in passive mode. I also know it's not my AxeFX because my other guitar is perfectly quiet with no noise or buzzing at all. Really not sure what the problem could be, all suggestions are welcome.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, the noise almost cancels out completely when I'm in the middle position on my pickup switcher.

Thank you!