My work buddy and I was talking about recording. He said he has a m box 2 mini, which he has brought in for me to take home and try. Then maybe purchase? If I like it. It has good reviews online, but it came out around like 2007. And technology advances like rabbits ****ing. I could buy this for probably like 60$. I'm not up on recording devices. Is there anything comparable and way better these days?
That's what I sold mine for. Test it and specifically see how the drivers act on your software, especially when tracking via amp sims. Mine exhibited horrible latency after the second track, but it could've been the machine. $60 is fair.
Cool, Yeah I got a decent set up right now with a behringer mixer and Reaper. But I'm like, are these things like recording magic or totally outdated and theres better stuff. Did you buy another device to replace it?
I got another old device, Edirol UA-4FX (built in effects) and sold that one to a buddy.
As long as you can find current drivers you're OK, for $60 I doubt any mind blowing tech has appeared to replace it. There's a new Behringer that seems to look cool around that price range but I find most USB interfaces suffer latency issues so I don't know. I use mine for travel, I have a full blown firewire interface at home.
Although I don't think it's worth $60, I don't think you can do better buying new.
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I used to get guitar lessons from someone who used to use an MBOX and he loved it until he spilled the cash on some extremely fancy new one I can't remember--I think one of the Apogee series.

After taking lessons with him, he recorded a band I was in and did a pretty great job with it. We used it for lessons through pro tools, it sounded awesome for that... I can say more but yes, it is worth sixty dollars. It would be better than my gear, for sure and I get decent recordings out of my stuff.
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Awesome then, Should be better than my current set up. I'll have to bite the bullet and learn Pro Tools. Should be for the better Lol Gonna get it for 50$.