I was wondering if anyone has experience with reshaping guitars to look like other guitars?
I have this cheap partscaster that I put together using a Memphis S-body that I bought off of my brother for $25. Honestly it looks more like a Precision body down to the pick guard and knob layout. At the moment, it's just a single humbucker guitar with a hardtail bridge and vol-tone control. I was wondering if I could sand the horns and elbow cut to make it look more like a Jazzmaster or a Jaguar in shape. I was thinking of stripping off the paint job it has now and redoing it, along with a new pick up and the new shape if possible. Again, if anyone has any experience in doing this, I would appreciate your input. I will upload a picture of the body, if needed, tomorrow when I have more time. Thank you again!
Honestly, the tools involved with a project like that would cost more than to just buy a Classic Vibe Jaguar or Vintage Modified Jazzmaster. What you're suggesting involved pretty much a garage of luthier's tools, which are expensive. I know, I just bought a bunch.

They're $300 or less, I'd just save up.
Well as an idea it's one of those things that will only be worth it if you're in it for the project rather than the end result, but I'm sure it's been done.

As for the specific job, you can make it more similar but you won't make anything too close to a Jag/JM of it. I'm fairly sure both have bodies a tad longer than the Strat, and certainly a lot longer than a Strat without horns, and the offset waist means that the shape is actually quite significantly different from a Strat. Beyond the job of actually shaping it, balance would be an issue too; just from my own observation, strap buttons on balanced guitars (excepting weird shapes like Vs and such, which have a very different distribution of mass) generally fall in line with around the 12th-14th fret, there's no chance of this with any practical configuration on a Strat with the horn sanded down.

All that said, since you seem to be mainly in it for the process and the body was $25, you might as well go for it, just don't expect that it'll look like what you're modelling it off of.

^Rooster there is right though, it'll only be worth it if you MacGyver it.
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The JAG/Jazzmaster body's have way more meat on them, they are thicker and bigger overall, you might get something close but that upper bout on the Strat won't really have enough wood to make a good Jag/Jazz bout.
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