Move if necessary, I really need help figuring this out!

Hey guys I purchased 2 items for my live and studio signal chain, 1: a behringer multigate pro xr 4400 and 2: a behringer multicom mdx 2400. After some thought I added them into my signal chain as follows:

Behringer C-1 (Or whatever microphone/input I'm using)->ART Tube MP Studio->Behringer Multigate XR 4400->Multicom MDX 2400->(XLR to RCAx2 Adapter) Behringer UCA202 Audio Interface (output to CPU, monitors and headphones)

The problem I am having is that when I have both of these new purchases in the signal chain--the XR 4400 and the MDX 2400--my microphone, or any other signal I put through this chain, is considerably less than it is with either of the items removed from the chain--I can choose one or the other or the line level is exceptionally below usable volume... It exists but it's too quiet.

I have isolated every piece of XLR I am using in between the two devices and throughout the chain and tried every combination I can think of to connect my gear with it in line and I can't figure out why I'm having volume problems. Not having these pieces functioning together is no big deal right now in the studio but I'm gonna be using the same setup for some live gigs soon enough for vocals (except that I'm going to use balanced TRS patching to connect it instead of XLR--not a big change there, just a necessity of the analogue board I use...) EDIT: and not having working gear would be a good route to not getting hired again.

HELP PLEASE, Mods please feel free to move if you don't feel this is the right place for this thread to be.

update: This is not how I want to have them hooked up but the gear works just fine if I reverse them to go Pre->Comp->Gate. Still would like advice...
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