Struggling to find time to write/play music these days, but managed to squeeze this one out this week. Got a bit rushed towards the end because I just wanted something finished by tonight.

Not sure how I feel about the transition into the verse after the post-chorus. Would be great to get some feedback on this and also how well this all flows together.

c4c of course.

rock 430 v9.gp5
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totally kickass tune, way too short

yet again youve dazzled me and tickled my fancy, seb1uk. i love the little chromatic and harmonic minor diddlies. well done!
Haha cheers mate. Appreciate the kind words. Glad to hear this was still up to your standards. I intentionally ended it there to keep it fairly short and sweet as I've got a tendency to just keep a song going and going. I think I've got enough tracks that are fairly long.
eh, im biased towards long songs as you probably know from my tabs haha speaking of which, can you check out my most recent upload when you get the chance?