Hey guys, new around here.

Been playing guitar a number of years, but lately I have been taking an interest in some Veil of Maya type stuff and cannot get the tones I'm looking for when playing their songs.
I play through a Hughes & Kettner Tubemiester amp and have a few different guitars to play with. I'm hoping i only have to buy a pedal or two and not go through the pain in the neck of swapping pickups buying more guitars etc. Any advice would be great thank you!
this will help, its a metal injection article telling what their gear is

so three ways to approach this
the rich kid way just going on a shopping spree getting exactly what their gear is with a platinum visa

getting the parts of the gear that matter

or using your ears and fine tuning the sound to get more like it , you don't necessarily need this or that brand of pedals or anything to get their sound and especially today with positive grid to any guitar processor out there you get some really good results.
Thanks! Guess I'll go hit up the music store today . Luckily the Long and Mcquade near my place rents everything I'm gonna go get some stuff to try out ! appreciate it!