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Recently bought a 2014 second hand american standard strat, the bloke didn't even use it, it is practicality new!

Plays well, apart from a small buzz coming from the truss rod when playing certain notes (particularly when playing C).

the buzzing continues long after I have killed the note, the vast majority of the notes and positions on the guitar don't create this buzz, but a small number are hitting a sweet spot and resonating the truss rod.

the buzz can#t be felt through the neck, and if I knock the neck it doesn't rattle or anything.

tried ever so slightly turning the truss rod to see if it would fade, but it didn't. I don't mess with truss rods anyway so I turned the truss back to its original position

Anyone experienced this?
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That sounds odd to me. I have never heard of or seen anything like that. The truss rod shouldn't vibrate independantly of the neck, I don't actually see how it physically can do that.

When you say buzz do you mean an audible sound during the note decay (if so, posting a clip pay help) or do you mean it is vibrating more than you would expect?

Whatever is causing it I don't see how it can be the truss rod.
Sounds more like noise from the springs on the vibrato They tend to ring out once notes are killed and is common. You can stuff something in the back under the spring cover or there are several products on the marker, from silencers to noiseless springs that have a coating. I got some noiseless springs from FU Tone and they work great.

If it's not that then something may be loose on the guitar, if it were the truss rod it sure seems like it would do it when you knock on the neck.
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I don't think it has anything to do with your truss rod. Evilnine might hav the right idea. Open the cover on the vibrato stings and mute them with a piece of cloth or something then play and see what happens.
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