Morning all,

I love playing Dani California on my setup, and that makes good use of Wah in both clean and distortion (I use a BOSS OS2 for distortion) my only problem with this song and a lot of others is that while playing through the clean (or quietened down boost channel) my wah is really really quiet when I rock my foot back to the bass position.

You know in the verse where you have that funky lick, in clean mode, behind the chords... While the pedal is in an upright position I get barely any volume, but when pushing my toe down the volume comes right up with the treble.

Any ideas what could be causing this? I've tried going on boost channel, moving the bass up on the amp, and using the wah but the effect is the same.

Using the wah through the overdriven pedal yields a good result.

Using the wah with no pedal has the same poor result.

Thanks for the help.