There sure seem to be an awful lot of pedal brands out there. I imagine that as with everything else (guitars, strings, etc.) not all these companies actually make pedals but most just market pedals made by someone else. So what are the companies that actually manufacture pedals? Wampler looks like they make their own. The big ones like Digitech and Boss probably "make" them as well, although as with all Chinese-sourced stuff, it wouldn't surprise me if the factory that makes them for, say, Boss also sells them to a bunch of other "brands."
Nope. Pretty much every single pedal company makes their own pedals.


Alot of pedals are just different versions of some kind of single design. Tubescreamer based pedals, Klon clones, Fuzz Face type pedals, etc, and some sound better than others.
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I get ya. Like with Boss. they have their pedals everywhere, so you'd think they are outsourcing the product to some electronics company to assembly line them.

All the small boutique guys hand make them, but even probably the mid sized guys, like JHS still hand make them, at least the soldering portions. They probably have the boards being pre-made somewhere, and then they do the soldering/testing. I coudl be wrong though.
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There seems to be a hell of a lot of new pedal companies appearing selling generic circuits in Mooer-sized enclosures with identical control layouts to the Mooers too. Even Fender seem to be at it... I'd wager all these pedals are identical inside, since as the thread starter suggested there's probably just one factory in China knocking them all out and a load of companies buying them up.

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