prefer SGs but that's not really helpful per se. depends on what you want out of a guitar.
This is completely subjective. Who cares what I would buy if you're the one playing it? I wouldn't by either because I prefer different guitars - and I own an Epi SG Special and a Les Paul shape (Eclipse). . .

If this is all we have to go on, which one makes you want to pick it up and play it just by looking at it? Buy that one.

You may also want to consider how each feel when you play them, how balanced they are when you stand up (or sit, my SG is horribly balanced and neck dives sitting down. . . ), how the neck feels, how the frets feel, which one you feel the mojo with, etc.
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I have never played an LP Studio Satin, but I used to own a Standard Faded in Honey Burst (which also has a satin finish). Nice guitar, but I did have some tuning issues with it and the neck was a little puny for me. I have also owned an SG Faded, and it was an absolute monster. It played great, I never had any issues with, and it SCREAMED. I sold it to fund a Telecaster purchase, and I regret it.
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personally id go for a epiphone. the more expensive (but still affordable) epiphones are far superior to the bottom of the bucket gibsons IMO.

but if you really just want your guitar to say gibson id go with the SG c: I owned one for a while. changed the pickups and threw a bigsby on it and it sound and played fantastic. like a $400 upgrade though.
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Play both, buy your favourite.

I own both, and like both, but you REALLY have to play the Gibson you're going to be buying.

FWIW, my LP Studio Satin is by far the best guitar I've ever played (even compared to LP & SG standards & customs), whereas my SG Special Faded is just an average guitar. It could just as easily have been the other way around. On the other hand, both could have been outstanding or both could have been average.
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Quote by adelino316
Which one would you buy?

The one that felt right in my hands and sounded the most like me through the pickups. Play both and decide. Don't be a chump and buy one without playing it first.
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Versus threads are hard to answer especially when it's a "which would you buy" , because it is entirely subjective and my preference may not suit your needs. It's not as bad if the question is asking for a quality comparison, sometimes that can be pretty cut and dry, but if both guitars in question are comparable in quality then it becomes subjective and again everyone will not have the same preferences.

Your best bet is to test drive both maybe even more than one of each, read/watch some reviews and decide which one really turns you on, that will be the one to buy!
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