So to most this will be a very simple question. I want to record videos playing electric and acoustic guitar while singing. Currently, I have a deluxe reissue amp, a strat, a Martin, and an sm58. What do I need to get what I'm looking for? (Record vocals) I also want to add some reverb to my vocals. I have an XLR cable and an XLR to quarter inch cable. I would like something decent but nothing crazy expensive. Something simple. And I'm more than willing to buy things used. I'm trying to conserve money. Thanks!
For recording, go read the stickies in the Recording forum.
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I'd use an audio interface like the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 which would give you an 2 inputs (mic/DI) and you can use the interface to record to your PC and add video etc. Best of luck!