It sounds good, the first 0:50 seconds is very nice, the only thing is and it's a very big thing, is even though the ideas you had after the first 50 seconds or so sounded good to play and probably felt good to play. For me and id say for most it's very hard to listen to a guitar solo lasting almost 3 min that does not have breaks in where you are not playing, and also has some dynamics involved throughout specially in a ballad so turn down the compression a little, and for example play staccato, play softly here and there build it up think about it more.

Do not just play to fill in the spaces let the other instruments ride a little I know it's just a backing track but play on it like you would play with others who would stop 2 min in and tell you Dude shutup haha. So yea give your playing space and some dynamic range. Other then that little critique I think you display good enough command over your instrument and a decent developing ear, keep it up.

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