So I've been looking all over the internet trying to find out what bass Matt Kean from Bring Me the Horizon has been using recently and I have just discovered that he has been using a Gibson EB Bass 2014 model, I was wondering if anyone had any experience with these basses or anything simple and if they would share their thoughts. Matt and the Gibson Gibson
Good quality instrument for the price, lots of tonal variety and decent hardware. It's pretty much a Thunderbird in a Fender style and I like that. It's also one of those basses that looks ugly as sin in stock photos but looks great when people are playing it.

On the off chance you're interested in its tone, BMTH probably don't use it in the studio and its probably mixed out completely in both the studio and in shows.
As far as I am aware he has only been playing this since 2014 and there have only been two songs released by the band after that time which is Drown and Happy Song and you can definitely hear the bass in both, and personally I'm more of a person that prefers playability over sound as sound can be altered with the right equipment whereas the playability can't, its shape reminds me a lot of my first bass which I like the way it plays and how it is against my body.
The EB is one of Gibson's better bass offerings. It is essentially Gibson throwing up a white flag and saying "OK, we get it. Out attempts to turn our guitars into basses - with the exception of the Thunderbird - were a dismal flop." After generations of rotten bass bridges, Gibson made a wise choice and did not try to design one; going instead with the Babicz Full Contact bridge. The pickups are clearly "inspired by" Ernie Ball/Music Man. In short, Gibson has designed a bass that borrows very heavily from some successful designs by other companies.

I do not care for the body shape, and I have seen too many bass failures from Gibson to try the thing. They have gone up significantly in price since their introduction, though I do not know why. The build quality is good. The rest is a matter of taste.

Oh, and for some reason, they discontinued offering the EB bass in black. Go figure?
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Well that's strange, you would have thought basic colours would be the more popular ones, and now you say that every Gibson bass I've seen is basically their guitar models in a bass format. Personally I like the natural option for the colour.