I have a Crate Blue Voodoo 6212 and would like to use it for recording directly onto my computer which runs Windows 8.

I currently use a mic, which works fine. But I find that when I am playing along with a song it picks up the background noise of the original song from my speakers on the recording. To get around this, I use headphones ... which is a PITA. I can't do the live monitoring of the mic thanks to the delay with Windows 8 audio.

Is there anyway to directly connect my amp to my computer so that it records, allowing me to jam along to tunes without headphones and record it.

I'm not much into amps and how they work, but I have this on the back:

Speaker Connections 60W RMS - 2 8 hm enclosures x 2 1/4" jacks, 2 16 Ohm enclosures x 2 1/4" jacks, Bal. Out, Effects Loops send and return 1/4" jacks.

These amps are built to have a speaker load connected, so you can't use line out and leave the speaker out as the power section will blow...so short answer is no.

Long answer is that you need iso cab (look up) or dummy load with speaker emulator.

Try lowering amp volume and turning the speaker away from you, then crank the mic input hotter so you get a signal that is audible.

What audio interface are you using?

You can try putting the amp in standby and see if there's signal in the fx send - you might be able to record that but you'll need speaker emulation in software (look up LePou) to simulate the signal of a moving speaker, otherwise it'll sound pretty bad. Bal. out might be line level with speaker emulation and that might work as well, just leave the amp connected to the speakers.