Hello, Guys!

Some people and haters told me that my improvisation is sucks.

For me really interesting what do you think about my improvisation over Marco Sfoglie's backing track. If you have any opinions or suggestions. I will be glad to hear!

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It sounds like something from shredding exercise. I don't like it.
It just makes 0 sense.
Quote by r4ster
It sounds like something from shredding exercise. I don't like it.
It just makes 0 sense.

Ok. So what has any sense in your opinion?
I'd say just keep on doing what you're doing. It wasn't flooded with shred which is a good thing.

I was only listening through my phone's speakers so it wasnt a true reading, but it sounded like your intonation on the bends at 1:42 and 1:54 were a bit off.
That's the feeling.Don't give up,you do it a lot better than I do.Just don't be conformist and keep wanting to be better.Just improve your "Bending-vibratos"
I read r4ster's comment before I watched the video, and I expected something completely different, it definitely doesn't sound like a shred exercise. Honestly, it sounds good, I think you're at a point where whatever we could tell you would just be our own taste. I think if I approached this track, it'd be completely different, there'd be less melody in a traditional guitar sense, a lot more technical work, all in all, I'd earn r4ster's comment as I have absolutely no taste when it comes to improvising, haha! Keep on as you are, there are some really nice runs, very clean, the solo progresses well, you don't meander. The only thing I'd really say is that I definitely could've done without that little 'jazz' bit from 1:27 to 1:29, however that's purely because I've never particularly liked Jazz, whereas you come from that background, so I see why it's in there. All in all, good work!
It gets better the more you get into it, I think. I think the beginning could have been more legato and the bends more in tune, but it was good ^^
I like how you can split quarter notes (the fills) as well as play them as straight forward on beat (the arpeggios for example). But, that said, I must critique your bends as many of them sound a little too aggressive to me.

listen to BB King Live at the Regal to learn more about bending notes on the guitar.
This isn't my genre of music, so take with the requisite grain of salt.

The longer this went on, the less it became about ideas and the more it became about showing off technique. I don't care about your technique. I want to feel something. But because there was a lack of melodic and thematic development I got bored long before the end.

The first 30 seconds or so have the clearest melodic and thematic ideas, but they also reveal, to me, that those ideas aren't really organic to your playing.

eg, the descending lick at about 30 seconds in is somewhat clumsily connected to the melodic material on either side of it. I can almost hear your brain clicking over from playing melodically to "okay, I'm going to throw in a memorized riff now," although you then switch back over.

At about 1:12 it feels like you've completely abandoned any sort of melodic or thematic development and and for most of the rest of it, it feels like you're just trying to show me how fast you can move your fingers, which, you know, is pretty fast. (Faster than me!) But it feels very generic. I think it's telling that when you come back to a slower section at the end, it doesn't feel related to what you were doing in the beginning at all - and I don't think it is. I think during the "fast" part you basically abandoned any ideas you had at the beginning, and so when yo slowed down again it was something else.
It feels like you're playing a bunch of pentatonic licks. Not really much logic in terms of developing ideas. You didn't really go anywhere. But it wasn't outright bad, just generic?
As the others pointed out,some bends and some notes were off but that was a small percentage of the whole. Up until around 1:12 when you really pick up the speed it was....okay I guess. It definitely felt like a couple of shreds in between 1:12 and 2:00 were never supposed to be there at all. Yet I feel like you hit most of it home!

And the part after 2:00 where you slowed down again,nice

I'm a beginner guitarist,but I've listened to metal and the likes since I was 13 years old...so take my comment with a grain of salt
I hear a lot of in-key soloing that doesn't always line up with the actual chords. Gotta get those phrases to work around the chord resolutions. Make sure you know where your melodies are in relation to the chord tones. Note choice was also suffering a bit during the fast parts (not necessarily sour notes).

When doing fast lead-in melodies, be certain to know ahead of time what note you're aiming for at the end. Typically, the fast bit is over a different chord than the target note, so again, minding the chords is vital.

Other than that, the technique and confidence sounded pretty good. You got the tools you need, I'd say just sit down and really apply them to the other musical elements.
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imho you should work on your technique a bit, you seemed a little unsure about a lot of what you were playing, especially at the beginning of it.

that being said, i dont think your improv sucks at all, i mean hell its a lot better than what i can do as of now lol. just keep at it, work on the modes, etc. practice improvising every day and youll get results
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I'm a stickler for this and this is kind of big for me (so take it with a grain of salt),

But I feel like if we stopped the backing track and just had the 'a capella' solo, during lots of it we wouldn't know what the chord progression is or hear any kind of implied progression.

You're just soloing to the key center, which is totally fine, but as perhaps as a new goal you can work on playing to the chords more.

That's first thing that jumps out at me anyways. This threads full of good advice so far.
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I'm going to have to say that the articulation and music didn't move me. It's like the technique was fine but it just felt like you weren't adding to or saying anything more, musically or melodically. I understand why people do not like it.

I'm not intending to be mean at all. I think it's an entirely fair and honest comment that you're getting that kind of feedback. I don't know what you're hearing or what your ears are listening for that feel like you're making a statement, but on someone like me and apparently others it's not being translated. I think it's like a story that uses words. Some stories reach people and others are just words and nobody gets it. They both use words.

I'd be interested in what your headspace is when you listen to
That track, whether you feel everything in a deep way, or you're just thinking "now watch this...wasn't that cool?" Your intent in the solo or where your head is at, doesn't come through. If you are not moved by what you do, expect that we might not be either.