ahh,I was right then,it IS in G minor That E natural though,where do you hear that one? Or rather,what is a/the E natural? I've been analyzing this song on the guitar and it most certainly defines G as it's tonic but what is this E you speak of? xD I couldn't find a E in the whole piece D:
I wrote out the general idea along with chords over it. The E natural is a part of the melody and is a borrowed chord. C major is a chord in G major. The song borrows from G major in those areas, and it creates a Dorian-esque feel to the song, but it's still in G minor.
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To find the key, you just need to use your ears and find the tonic. It's the note/chord that sounds like home.
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^Yep. Find "do" and you're good to go.

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