I'm making music using logic. I have a few questions to ask..
I've been listening to The Smiths a lot lately. Other than gated drums, what are some other ways to get that 'older' sound? Whenever I record something it sounds too modern and polished...

What I'm trying to describe is the sort of sound on this album:


(great and completely underrated band btw, if you like that you should definitely check out the other albums too).

Plenty of reverb the answer? Also, how do I get that 'clean' synth sound that the songs on the album have? I've tried messing about with the ES-2 synth and Sculpture on Logic but I can't get anywhere close to that sound. The presets are all either electronic lead synths or come with tons of added effects which are a bit pointless imo.

Any help is appreciated.. I only actually record guitar and vocals, whereas synth, bass and drums all software within logic. If you have any tips on making any of those instruments sound 'older' and more like on the album above please do chip in, I'll try anything to get those sounds.
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I know exactly what you mean and I've searched for the same sound, just not necessarily that same genre, and I really think analog technology has a lot to do with it. I even pulled out my old Fostex 4 track to see if it gave me the sound I was after and it was a lot closer than I've gotten with Logic, and that's just a 4 track, not a real board with tubes and transformers and all the circuitry that they would have used in a professional studio in those days. Not to mention all the gear was real hardware. I feel like what we're hearing is actual imperfection, with all the analog gear actually coloring the sound in a way that's not exactly true to the sound they heard in the room. I love the sound Mac DeMarco gets on his albums and he records all his albums by himself in his room with a mixer and a reel to reel with some outboard reverb and compression. There are a few things you can do though with plugins such as tape emulators that can get you closer without losing the convenience and ease of a DAW like Logic, here's an article to get you started : http://www.askaudiomag.com/articles/6-tips-for-making-digital-sound-analog-analog-warmth-from-software-plug-ins
Another thing is that the Logic synths and drums are ok but somewhat limited in how you can manipulate them, I suggest looking into a more expansive synth plugin like Sylenth or Massive, I think you'll be able to get that sound you want somewhere in one of those VSTs. Hope this helps, good luck!
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