Outside of my looper, I've never really had the desire to go dabbling with effects but over the past year or so I've found myself playing lots of Incubus, so much so that I've decided maybe I should start getting serious about trying to match their sound. Looked over Mike Einzigers setup and he uses so many effects, several way above my price range. So does anyone have a suggestion on a single multi-effects pedal that could model incubus's sound? Not trying to spend over $300. Know this is a pretty targeted question but hopefully the right person stumbles across it.

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Isn't your Zoom pedal a multifx?
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yes it is but it is difficult to set and I can only go up and down as opposed to putting effect over effect or having multiple foot switches. It takes a lot of tweaking and still doesn't match all the sounds accurately. A cheap pedal by comparison, there are definitely better boards out there.