So im curious if theres a software that I can write drum beats, bass, guitar etc and have it play back to me, with the ability to adjust the tone, effects, and the overall sound of everything. something kind of like guitar pro but a little more like something you'd use to make dubstep or something. im not so worried about making sheet music as i am recording a song.

my goal is to write out a full song, then record the guitar lines and vocals on top of it and end up with a decent finished product. im looking for band members and trying to get other people's interest in my music, and what better way to get attention then to have a really decent example of the sound im looking for? is there anything out there like this? for the record im talking about making metal, jazz and alternative. nothing really electronic
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You want a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). If you're on a mac then they come standard with Garageband which will do exactly that.

Audacity will apparently let you do it too but I didn't like Audacity at all. I use Logic on a Mac.
A while back I had Cakewalk on a pc and it worked fine.

You will also need a digital audio interface. This allows you to plug in your guitars/mics and midi etc to your computer so that you can record them in your DAW.

You would probably get a lot more detailed and useful information from the recording forum.

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Reaper is the better alternative to audacity.

But these are largely just sort of insfrastructures, shells. There is not much in the way of sound production. You would mostly record, or get 3rd party software for your other instruments. There are tons of possibilities, and you can make any style. But it is not easy. There is a lot to learn. In audio, getting the main bulk kind of what you want is not so tough. Getting it all to sound nice and professional, and getting a lot of the details in there, is where it takes some know how.

Reaper is free to try for 30 days, after which you get a 5 second nag screen on startup. Or, I forget how many seconds. And it is only 60$ after that. The plugins etcetera you'd want are expensive.

Logic will come more complete, but you need a mac and 200$. Cubase will also come with a large sound library, but it is more expensive than that last time I checked.