Hi there. I've been playing guitar for over 2 years now and have been songwriting for over a year too. I've now got enough material with covers to be able to gig. My question is, what gear do I need? I'm a solo performer, so it's literally just me and my guitar. I'd rather not shell out money on a PA system just yet. I just want something that will see me through till I'm in the position to get a PA system. I was thinking one of the acoustic and mic combo amps? Any advice much appreciated. Thank you.
A Solid State acoustic amp with multiple inputs would get you started. Then you will need a vocal microphone and an acoustic guitar with built in pickups. An acoustic guitar amp is not as good for an electric guitar though
Great. Yeah I've got a good electro acoustic and a fender mustang amp, so I need to get an acoustic combo amp plus the mic etc. Thanks for the reply.
the acoustic amp is a good idea. I had a marshall as100d and it worked great. One input for guitar, one for mic, another xlr I never used and a stereo in for an ipod or something.

Alternatively, you could look into one powered speaker and a small mixer. That way if you do decide to one day get a PA, you'll already be half the way there instead of having to start all over.
Check out the backside of a Carvin PM12A:

Specs include fairly light weight (30 lbs), 12" LF driver, titanium tweeter, 400W built-in amp.
While it shows using a guitar direct in, you might want to use a modeler of some kind with an electric. Electric Acoustic will sound great straight in.

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The Carvin is nice, also the EV ZLX-12p. Both offer quality sound in a lightweight affordable package. When you want to increase coverage, just add another speaker and off you go.

I own and use the EV and it serves a lot of different roles: Stand-alone sound for acoustic gigs, small club PA speaker, floor wedge monitor for larger shows, and as a powered speaker to run my Digital Multi Effects board. This goes out on every gig I play. $399

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