I recently purchased a DD7. The reason I did was because it seemed like a lot of tones Radiohead achieved were through delay (Yeah there are a lot others, but this seemed to be a large chunk). Thing is, I've never been too interested in delay, but I'm interested in exploring it and how to use it because on the surface, it doesn't seem I care for it. I'm assuming I'm missing it's uses.

When I think about it, I can't really think of any songs at all that use the DD7 essentially. If anything, I can think of a lot of reverb and modulation/pitch shifting, but delay? Yea, I'm guessing it's used a lot but I can't really think of anything specific that was really inspired by delay.

So the reason I'm making this thread is because I was wondering if you guys could maybe help me out by pointing out, specifically in what songs and how delay is used by Radiohead throughout their music because I feel like I may be missing it. What songs of Radiohead use delay and how is it used?
Jonny Greenwood uses absolutely loads of slapback echo on In Rainbows, and Thom Yorke uses quite a lot of longer delays in his guitar parts on The King Of Limbs. I think they all mainly use delay for atmospheres though - the loud bit at the end of Morning Bell is the best example I can think of, and Ed O'Brien's guitar in the last bit of Karma Police is absolutely laced with delay.

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