I have an Olympic White Bass VI that I have some horrifying ideas for. I'm going to install a Railhammer Anvil in the bridge (I've put one in a Frankenstein Ibanez tuned to B and a Gibson SGJ that I tune to A-E-A-E-A-E and have gotten wonderful results) then in the neck I'm going to put a Sustainiac in the neck.

I've gotten in touch with the guys at Maniac Music and they said they can alter the circuit board to better handle the lower frequencies.

But wait, you say, the Squier Bass VI has three single coils.

Well I'm also going to make a new pickguard. Clear acrylic so I can put lights in the old slot for the former middle pickup.

I just want to see a demo of that thing if you end up modding it
If the guys from Maniac say they can make a sustaniac "for bass", i don't think would be any problem
I've seen a regular susteiner put on a bass and it sounded alright.
Purple string dampener scrunchy.