Ive been getting more into jazz fusion for the past year...

My ears and technique have gotten better , I can shred fast.....but ****in I suck at improvisin and cant write a song worth shit, put on a bakin and i wont know what to play hahah,its usually me playin some cliche blues lick, or copyin a part of a song i learned or usually the ideas i come up with are shit ...... Any advice on practicin to get better at it...

Most of my practice is learnin songs by ear by favorite bands/guitarists and learnin scales,chords, and arpeggios.....my favo lead gutiarists are paul wardingham, per nillson, allan holdsworth ,greg howe, derek taylor, alex hutchings, jakub zytekci, tosin abasi, scott henderson,...

Also sorry for bad english, and complainin. i'm just frustrated about my playin despite practicin alot....
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Hey! Just want to start out by saying we've all been there so don't get discouraged. One question I have is whether or not you are "really" practicing or just think you are practicing. It's one thing to pick up the guitar every few days, poke around and put it down but if you aren't practicing with intent and focus, your sessions may turn out to be a bit useless and cause you to get in a rut. So really focus on coming up with a good schedule and sticking to it. Also, make sure to incorporate a few different things into your routines. You mentioned songs and arpeggios but throw in some music theory, finger stretching, tapping, legato, alternate picking, etc. type exercises to help you master different techniques. Doing this will also give you the chance to memorize a whole new assortment of licks which will start to creep their way into your solos.

In combination with the above tips, start looking into scales and really focusing on learning them. One idea is to take a scale you want to learn and apply all of the ideas I said above to that scale , i.e. practice your arpeggios, legato licks etc. with that scale. That will not only help you improve your technical chops but will also help really ingrain the scales into your mind. Also, don't just 'play' the scales. Really focus on the sounds and emotions each one brings out and start thinking about that and what kind of song or idea you could build from that feeling.

Once you've setup a good practice schedule that you can stick to, add some time at the end of each session to work on improvisation. There are a million backing tracks on youtube so find one there and start jamming! If you can't think of any ideas, go back to any of the exercises you've been working on in that key and start playing it over the backing track. Then, gradually start changing notes and combining exercises together to come up with new ideas. If that doesn't help, try transcribing some solos of your favorite artists into a key of your choice and try moving their notes around in the same fashion I just discussed.

Ruts can be annoying but there's always a way out so persist on!
ya i do have a routine, i divide it between techniques, theory, songs, writing songs(Which i suck at lol)
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