On Saturday I picked up a new 2013 SGJ from a local guitar shop at an incredible deal (£250 off regular price).

it plays great, sounds great, but: The knobs don't seem to turn in a lopsided manner, and the rear cover for the pots doesn't fit the routed slot quite right, so am wondering if it's not a copy. (it's a damned good one if it is).

Anyone else have this with their SG ?

Is this part of the "Junior" low cost ?

Or is this part of the Gibson quality "slide" of recent years?

Aside from that, I'm happy as a clown with it.


The SGJ and the SG Junior are two different models. The SG junior has a single P-90 in the bridge and afaik is not a current production model. The SGJ has two humbuckers and is in production. Funnily enough, the "J" in "SGJ" does not stand for Junior and the two are not really related at all. The Junior line was introduced in the 50s to be a budget model with stripped-down features but high quality. The "J" lineup is low cost, lower quality, but has more features. So the SG Junior is a higher-end model than the SGJ, despite the SGJ having more features on paper.

The SGJ is more or less the bottom of Gibson lineup, so it's not terribly surprising that your model has some issues. The "LPJ" and "SGJ" are an attempt to make guitars as cheaply as possible without completely betraying Gibson's high-end image.

As far as a recent slide, that's been the party line on Gibson since...1960 something, at least. I don't think there's been a major drop in quality in recent years so much as the same generally poor QC that Gibson has always had. It's common to say that Gibson's quality control is in a slump, but I think more accurately, it's the same as it always was (bad) and some of the new models or pricing structures are what people are really reacting to.

For what it's worth, you can pull the knobs off of the pots and try to re-seat them to get them rotating without being wobbly. Sometimes some gunk gets in the plastic inner portion of the knobs and they don't sit right on the splines.