Hey fellow UGers, I just finished recording a new instrumental. The clean bits in the beginning and middle are symbolic of what has come before, and the heavier bits are its eventual end/beginning of something new. I hope you all enjoy, as always leave your songs/recordings below and I will critique them

Hey man!

Thanks a lot for your crit!

Just listened to Supernova (any chance it's a reference to Champagne Supernova? ). Before I give you my feedback I think I should say that I have had a very limited exposure to the genre, that's why some of the subtleties of your work will have eluded me but hey I can always give you my general impression!

As far as production, nothing gets in the way really, all the instruments sound professional and well recorded/mixed. I can hear them distinctly on my small laptop speakers, which means your sound guy (or was it you? ) put in some good work. Whoever the credit goes to it's well-deserved.

As far as the structure and the melodies are concerned, I really liked the transitions between clean and distorted bits as well as the melodic line in the second clean part and how it builds-up into the final part.

Did you mean the intro to be as simple as possible to warm up the listener? Just a wild guess maybe strum the chord/its inversion and let it ring through in some places during the intro? (with the tremolo on?).

and just to be on the safe side, have you considered using harmonized guitar parts where you build up on your previous leads? Like the first time you have it played by 1 guitar, then you have it played in fourths/fifths/10ths/octaves? Or as an alternative, I'm sure you know the way Brian May used delay to make it sound like there are two guitars set slightly apart in time. As I said, I have a very short attention span for a symphonic music fan and I sometimes got lost in your distorted parts but other than that it sounds very good and professional to me.

Hope this is helpful!
Wow thanks for the feedback! There are some great tips in there. I'm glad you liked the quality of the track, I payed close attention to produce it as best as possible. As for the name, it was mostly a last minute decision. I always had that space/galactic theme in my mind, but I never found a suitable name until the end .

I kept the intro guitars simple so that all of the focus goes to the bass melody, but now that you mention it the chord inversion seems like a good idea As for the lead guitar I ran out of frets to play it higher, but the delay would be cool. I'll keep your feedback in mind for a future song. Thanks again!

The intro really got my attention because it reminds me of Rush. I love Rush. Good use of bass here as well. Then the song takes a turn that I didn't expect. That's a good thing. I like the unpredictability. The mix sounds good. I like the sounds; not too clinical and modern but not necessarily "vintage". Your playing is very nice. I loved the guitar solo in about 2:30. Drums in the part before that threw me off once in a while, though. I really like your use of melodies and the cinematic, atmospheric style. Reminds me of Dream Theater a little bit. Excellent work!

Maybe check out my latest work in progress? It still has to be polished, mixed better and some riffs have to be moved around but I would love to hear opinions about it

Nice, I really like this, fantastic lead guitar work in the heavy section, really good atmospheric mid section, too. The change between the mid section and the next section is strange, but works well, it has an impact, and the main theme is pretty catchy, really bright and happy, so it finishes the song nicely when it returns.

Feel free to leave a comment on my song, it's just below

Listening to the beginning of the song, the first thing i noticed was how well the bass compliments the clean guitars. I really like the guitar riffs and the sense of rhythm coming from the drummer, specially during transitions. As far as the lead playing goes, I personally enjoy lots of melody and good choice of notes, which you did very well. GOOD JOB! would love to hear more
definitely high quality production, amazing solos all the way. Listened to your track 3 times and still want some more. The only thing that is not so good is a switch between clean and distortion parts, for me it's too harsh
Nice mix of clean and distorted guitar. Guitar tones sound good, I liked how it kicks into the distorted section at the start then the melodic lead/theme comes and fits well with the backing. Especially liked the second solo, nice playing there, particularly when it got a bit exotic sounding. Enjoyed also the melody at about 2:52.

Play on man.

C4C? here's my post: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1683186
The intro is reminding me of a Def Leppard song, I forget the title. Now it is sounding more thrashy. Some good vocals wouldn't hurt. The riffs/rhythms at around 2:00 were not my favorite portion (though it sounded better on the second cycle for me); otherwise the song sounds quite good! Nice lead guitar, reminds me of UFO ("Lights Out London"). Please review my music at this link:

Good sound production. Modern yet soulful lead playing. Some fast legato stuff would over the riffs would have sounded cool (around 3:30), but then again, it's your song and what you compose is a lot more important that individual opinion (everyone's a critic, but few can compose).
Great stuff! really liked the riffs a lot and the tasteful lead playing but the production is the standout thing about this really well mixed all around great sounding recording.