Here is a song I wrote with my current band (Abaddon) out of Dodge City, KS. We recorded the whole track using only 1 Mic so it is by no means a studio production (we are broke). The song is about revolution and how history repeats itself throughout the world, we wanted to portray the darker side of humanity and how we destroy each other. I would love to read your opinions, and feel free to link any of your work. i will reply promptly!
Wow! I'm a guitarist myself so I'll stick to giving my opinions on the guitar work. I really like it, the rhythm sections are very melodic and the chords at 1:40 downright awesome. They suited the singing very well. The playing in the solo was very emotive, and I enjoyed listening to it. If I wasn't living half-way across the world I'd come to see you guys play. Kick-ass band! I've subbed to your YouTube channel; best of luck on your future recordings.

Feel free to critique my song below:
Thanks man! really means a lot to get such a positive response. My goal was to come up with some really big sounding chords to play during the climax of the song, so i'm glad you were able to catch that!