I have a dream in my head
That begins with the whisperings of your name
On a breeze dragging in the wake of a hurricane.

I thought that you were dead
And your face lay broken in a picture frame
With an epigram written by your Charlemagne.

I’ll find your body in a nightmare
And there will be dinosaurs devouring your bones
Whilst I stand idly by and click my heels.

This chill is threadbare
And I am weighed down by rocks and stones
Searching for the love your heart conceals.

Jagged spires and funeral pyres
Line a grey horizon thick with smoke
And dust settles thick on the dying trees

I soothed the tongues of liars
Who treaded wearily and often misspoke
Of the wounds you tried to hide with your disease.

Feet of little children do tread
So light and slight when words of blame
Punctuate the air with despair and disdain.

You thought I was fucked in the head
But my sanity and fortitude I reclaim
And go to bed with lyrics by Ray LaMontagne.
It's not bad it just doesn't stick out to me.

Your structure and rhyming are very nice though. Sometimes it's nice to see something other then free verse here.
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Lamontagne is from the town I live in.
Be excellent to each other ☺